• Pastel Blue Ecofriendly Organic BAMBOO Alternative to Facial Tissues – Half Dozen 8″ by 5″ Mini Size Cloths With BONUS Mesh Laundry Bag

    Brand new organic, bamboo, colored napkins available now in pastel blue!


    The texture of this organic , bamboo jersey is so soft and decadent. You can be sure this is super soft. More like a very well worn, soft t-shirt is what I would liken it too.


    Still the half-a-mother load of buttery decadence your sniffer is begging for in the cold winter season but you will not feel bad using this for those messy clean-up jobs either.


    If I was a language arts teacher, I could wax poetic over the softness of these cloths. But alas, I am just a science teacher and textile geek with OCD and so I can tell you that after a lifetime of touching every fabric I could get my hands on, this is without a doubt, the softest dang fabric I have ever seen. Try it. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat them… Which I could probably legitimately do, since bamboo is food, right? (-;


    Made from organic, sustainably grown, soft bamboo fabric, blended with 35% organic cotton, each two-layer towel will do anything a disposable facial tissue can do, and then some. Use it as a hankie, make-up remover (it will stain with some products…), or (if you REALLY want to pamper your baby) a baby wipe. Throw it in the laundry and use it again and again. This tissue can handle whatever you throw at it. And the best part is, you will never again suffer that dry, red, cracked and peeling chapped nose you get from using tissues made of wood pulp and bleach. Eww!


    Included in this listing is a handmade mesh laundry wash bag to extend the life of your hankies by protecting them from your other laundry. Laundry bag has a little plastic toggle closure that slides to secure your tissues in the bag when washing.
    Please visit www.booshoot.com to see some of the good work the fine people at BooShoot in Mount Vernon, Washington are doing to make bamboo cultivation even greener and more sustainable.


    Also, see my instructable for more information about how you can rid yourself of the papertowel, napkin and baby wipe demon. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Stop-Using-Paper-Towels-Napkins-and-Baby- These wipes are twice the size (10×8) as ones described in the instructable (“minis”), so they are even better for bigger jobs. Also, they are perfect for folding in half to get the exact same size as the minis, so you can now stack your minis and larger towels in a tidy little pile, and choose which size you need. Please look in my shop for other fabric options. I also have wipes in the smaller 5×8 size in this same fabric – please let me know if you would like both sets, and you can save on shipping! Please note that these are precision cut to exactly 8″ x 10″, but sewing the edges does take a smidge off the overall dimension, and the corners are rounded, so the final product will measure slightly smaller than 8″ x 10″.


    Handmade item
    Materials: organic bamboo, organic cotton
    Ships worldwide from Colorado, United States


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