Naturally Gentle Biodegradable Laundry and Stain Bar BIG 5 oz. – Sweet Orange and Thyme

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This handmade, old-fashioned hand cut soap is perfect for pretreating stains, grimy spots, and other laundry mishaps before your regular laundering. It has powerful cleaning agents mixed right into the soap at trace. No mystery ingredients or unnecessary water or fillers in this product, so you can use it with confidence. This bar will last quite a while, as only a tiny amount is used in each application. Just dampen the stain and the corner of the bar, and give it a good scrub. Then put it in with the normal wash. While this bar has been well-tested against regular family stains, it is not full of chemical enzymes and phosphate-based detergents like the commercial stuff, and might fail the lumberjack test, if you know what I mean. (-; Each stick is sized just right to make a comfortable-sized block for holding in your hand while scrubbing. It is as big as a full size bath bar – enough to use in your favorite DIY laundry detergent recipe. Your bar may vary slightly in appearance or shape, since these are all hand cut, but your soap will weigh in at around 5 ounces plus or minus a bit. You will be amazed at how long it lasts! Furthermore, this plastic-free product is wrapped in reclaimed brown paper and a recycled kraft label, sealed with homemade wheatpaste glue. No plastic anywhere in this packaging!


This bar also makes an excellent laundry detergent if you use it in place of Fels Naptha (eww…) in your favorite recipe. You can also just grate a tablespoon or so of it with a cheese grater, dissolve it in a quart of water, and make a very gentle hand-washing soap.


As an ecofriendly alternative to dish detergent, this bar can’t be beat! I’ve been keeping a bar of this soap in a dish next to the sink. To wash dishes, I just swipe my dish cloth or scrubber around on the soap bar, and then wash away. It’s fantastic!


Campers, backpackers and hunters will also find this to be an effective soap for washing clothes on the trail – it is biodegradable, fragrance-free, and lightweight. You can just shave a sliver off the bar with your pocket knife, dissolve it in hot water, and use it to wash your clothes. Or, you can rub the dry bar on the wet laundry and agitate it in a pot of water, and then rinse. Grate some in a pot of hot water to wash the dishes – I have found it to be much more effective in camp than the standard castile stuff that leaves an oily residue and that distinct peppermint smell/taste on everything you wash.


Disclaimer – this soap is made without the “superfatting” most cold-processed soaps are made with. That means it is not a gentle or moisturizing soap. It is a bit harsh, and if you have sensitive skin or any kind of skin issues, you might want to handle it carefully. It is not meant for washing hands or body.



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: vegetable oils, sodium hydroxide, borax, baking soda, sugar, and salt, orange essential oil, thyme essential oil


3 reviews for Naturally Gentle Biodegradable Laundry and Stain Bar BIG 5 oz. – Sweet Orange and Thyme

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have purchased these several times through Etsy and they are a permanent staple in my laundry room! They have a very nice scent and they work amazingly well! I had one bar last my family of 4 for a year! I have had wonderful luck with removing grease stains from previously laundered clothes as it consistently takes them out every time! You will not be disappointed with this soap!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have used this bar as a stain stick and as an ingredient in my own homemade laundry detergent. It works quite well! As a stain stick, I have gotten many different types of stains out of my family’s clothes, most notably grease and grime on the sleeves of my winter coat. It has a lovely aroma that makes my homemade laundry detergent smell fantastic. And our clothes come out so clean! If you are trying to cut back on cleaning chemicals in your home, this bar is a good place to start.

  3. 5 out of 5


    such a great alternative to commercial spot removers!! I usually make my own laundry soap as well, so I think I will try grating some of this into my usual recipe for more stain fighting power! I will definitely be ordering this product again! 🙂

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