Nerdy Norton’s Study Putty – 4 oz. – Calming Lavender – Guaranteed to Increase Geekiness


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Study Putty is BACK! My son Dylan has resurrected this old favorite to try to earn some money for his Christmas gift giving. Each batch is made by him, and he has redesigned his own label (not shown in these old photos – will be coming soon).


Study putty is an all-natural formula of pliable, moldable, shapable, sniffable, and memorable dough. It’s not play dough, it’s focus dough! If you are like my 8th graders, you can barely sit still through staff meetings, class lectures, long phone calls, all-nighters, Chapter 19, therapy… Your mind wanders, your hands fiddle, and your inner kindergartener wilts. This is NOT a mental state that fosters productivity!


Study putty helps keep your inner child occupied while your mind is trying to get some serious work done. Try fiddling with a lump of dough while you puzzle out a new graphic design or a population dynamics model. Make your own manipulatives while studying fractions, organic chemistry, or plate tectonics. Play a vocabulary game with a few partners (who can guess which seed dispersal adaptation I am modeling?). Create a tiny scale model of The Office in your office… The possibilities are endless!


Not only is this a great kinesthetic and visual learning tool, but it also has a unique and tantalizing smell. Did you know that the area of the brain responsible for processing aromas is located right near the areas which create memories? That’s why you sometimes have such strong memories come flooding back when you smell a certain scent. This focus dough can help you capitalize on that little quirk of the human mind. Try a new scent of study putty each month, allowing you to associate your learning with a specific time frame and aroma. You will be amazed at how helpful this is in organizing your thoughts and memories with a chronological scaffolding.


This batch of study putty is scented with all natural French Lavender essential oil, and is purple in color. Lavender is known for its calming effects on the mind and body, and would be wonderful for anyone with test anxiety or work-related stress.


This study putty is also appropriate for providing therapeutic support for a variety of learning differences, including autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, sensory integration disorders, and many kinds of processing disorders.


While study putty is made of all natural ingredients, and is absolutely safe and non-toxic, it smells much better than it tastes, and isn’t meant to be eaten. Please resist the temptation.


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