Preorder Bamboo Fleece Alternative to Disposable Facial Poufs – 12 Fleece Rounds Plus BONUS Wash Bag


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This listing is for a made-to-order product which is not ready to ship. We excited to say that we are selling our washable facial rounds, napkins, mop pads and baby wipes faster than we can list them. No longer do our valued customers have to check back multiple times to wait until a listing is available. Now you are able to purchase a listing to reserve your place in our production queue. We fill these pre-orders in the order in which they are received. The current estimated time to fill your order is 7 to 14 days. If there are other items in your purchase, we will ship them all together when your fabric items are ready to save on postage.


These incredibly soft and poofy double-layer rounds are made of bamboo fleece milled in Canada. Use them for anything you would use a cotton ball or round cotton pad for, then run them through the laundry and use again. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass, and makes amazingly soft and absorbent fabric. It is well-known to be anti-microbial, and resists mildew, odors, and other funkiness you can get with cotton cloths. You will love using these for removing makeup and washing your face. It is possible that these poufs will stain if you use waterproof makeup brands, but they will still work nicely!


Each listing includes 12 unbleached, natural rounds, approximately 3 inches in diameter, plus a handmade drawstring mesh laundry bag to keep your rounds all together in the wash. Laundry bag has a little plastic toggle closure that slides to secure your poufs in the bag when washing. I have included a picture with these thicker poufs side by side with our organic cotton flannel poufs for comparison. Please see our shop for more options.


Handmade item
Material: rayon fleece made from bamboo
Made to order


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