Recycled Cotton Poufs – One Dozen


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These soft and thirsty unpaper alternatives to cotton facial rounds are made from 2 layers of cotton textured fabric. You will not see shrinkage in this set since the fabric has been previously laundered. Use them for anything you would use a cotton ball or round cotton pad for, then run them through the laundry and use again. You will love using these for removing makeup, applying toner, and washing your face. These particular poufs are unusual in that they have a raise surface texture (as you can see in the second picture) that would make them ideal for makeup removal. Soft yet textured!


This listing includes 12 rounds, approximately 3 inches in diameter, plus a handmade drawstring wash bag to keep your rounds together in the laundry. Laundry bag has a little plastic toggle closure that slides to secure your poufs in the bag when washing. Keep the drawstring bag under your sink to collect the used poufs until laundry day, and then toss them in with your regular wash. Unlike the natural colored poufs, given the darker color and pattern of this fabric they are less likely to show staining.


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