Sandalwood and Patchouli – All Natural Vegan Cold Process Bar Soap For Men and Women


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No nonsense natural bar soap you can actually afford to use!


If you’re like me, and you love the idea of using a handmade, all natural product you can actually afford, this soap is for you. I’ve pared down my recipe to just the essentials, and then use the highest quality oils I can get, almost always organic. Nothing fancy! My soaps are cut individually by hand, and will shrink over time as they dry out, so the sizes may vary ever so slightly, but I cut them as close as I can to 5 ounces, though they are marked at 4.75 ounces just to be safe.


Sandalwood and Patchouli is a favorite of both men and women, and has an earthy, smoky fragrance without smelling overly of the stereotypical patchouli fragrance (which I find is often far over-done). My husband uses this soap every day – it’s his favorite! It is made without artificial fragrances of any kind. It includes real essential oils and is enhanced with oatmeal for additional skin benefits and exfoliation.


My soaps all arrive wrapped in a fully recyclable or compostable and very pretty package made from corrugated cardboard, American made paper wrap, and wheatpaste glue. Our logo is imprinted on the top edge of the bar. No plastic – hooray!


A note about palm oil – we only use palm oil from South American plantations which are organic certified. In this way, we assure that no orangutan habitat is affected by our purchase. We knew you would appreciate that. (-:


Handmade item
Materials: sustainably harvested palm oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, Organic Shea butter, Organic Sunflower Oil, essential oils, Organic Olive Oil, mica, oats


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