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About Juniperseed Mercantile

Juniperseed Mercantile is a local Colorado small business with a passion for great skincare, simple living, and the earth that sustains us. We make all-natural bath and body products, home cleaning solutions, natural parenting essentials, and fabric UnPaper alternatives to your everyday disposables. Around here, it’s all about Down To Earth Decadence! And we believe that everybody deserves a dose of that without sacrificing quality or efficacy in the things we use everyday. We also stand for education, community and resurrecting lost skills. We invite you to visit our shop to see our production in person, and to stay for an educational workshop.

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Juniperseed Mercantile began as somewhat of an entrepreneurial accident: as a chemistry nerd, science teacher, and young mother, Tiffany was frustrated by the high premium environmentally conscious consumers like herself were often paying for everyday essentials branded as “natural”. With her science background and love of crafting, she started making her own lotions, soaps, and other body care products to keep things affordable and earth-friendly. As friends and family started requesting her clever concoctions for themselves and others, she began selling her wares from a literal picnic basket of handmade gifts kept under her desk.

Picnic Basket Crafts became Juniperseed Mercantile when Tiffany teamed up with her mom, Joan, and together they created an impressive catalog of all the things you could possibly need to clean and pamper yourself, someone else, and your home. From decadent skin treats to simple and effective cleaning solutions to reusable alternatives to everyday disposables, they continued the tradition of thrift and gentle, earth-friendly living passed down from Tiffany’s Oma (Joan’s own mother).

As a child in World War II Germany, Oma learned how to survive by being thrifty, tidy, and a tirelessly hard worker. She came to the US as an adult and managed to make a modest and comfortable life for herself and her family. She lived the saying “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without”— inspiring a sustainable and resource-smart perspective in Joan and Tiffany before “going green” was even a thing.

From an early age, they learned to look for what was already available to work with before buying something new – whether it was cleaning products, first aid remedies, clothing, or bath and beauty items. They remember how Oma started each day’s cleaning routine by making a fresh bucket of homemade cleaning solution and gathering a stack of neatly folded cleaning rags cut from old clothing, and they grew up knowing that very good cleaning products can be made from ingredients probably on hand in the kitchen. Oma also passed on her gifts of herbal wisdom and folk medicine, and many of Juniperseed Mercantile’s herbal remedies are versions of the family’s old traditions.

At the beginning of 2018, Tiffany decided it was time to expand her business and hired on the essential staff to build the next phase of Juniperseed Mercantile: a brick and mortar store with a visible workshop and kitchen where all our products are still made by hand and community forms around shared commitments to DIY making, education, and earth-friendly living. Though Oma and Joan are no longer with us, their legacy touches every part of Juniperseed Mercantile and inspires a new crew of makers, crafters, and would-be entrepreneurs. We’ve all come to the same place of valuing thrift, wisdom traditions, and simplicity for the sake of the planet and of reviving an older, sometimes slower, and more connected way of doing things.

Regardless of the buzzwords currently en vogue—natural, green, sustainable, zero-waste—as environmentally concerned individuals in the age of climate crisis, we believe in a way of thinking and doing that seeks to connect us to who we are and where we come from that repairs our relationship to the earth. It’s not second nature to us—it IS our nature— and that is something we are proud of and eager to share with the world!

Meet Our Team


Tiffany is the owner and founder of Juniperseed Mercantile and is the formulator of all of our products. She holds a degree in Environmental, Populational, and Organismic Biology, and a minor in Biochemistry, but prides herself on being a life-long learner. She has pursued continued education in herbalism, cosmetic formulation, graphic design, and business management.

By day, Tiffany is in her 21st year of teaching, and by night, she continues to keep things running behind the scenes (designing labels, maintaining the webpages, payroll, inventory, social media, and research and development). She still loves getting her hands in the production, and many of our products continue to be made by her hands. She loves spending time with her family – watching lacrosse, going to stage productions, going to the beach, and traveling in their tiny home on wheels.


As the Operations Maven of Juniperseed Mercantile, Morgan is the hands-on manager of our production, logistics, and wholesale order fulfillment departments. She has a wide range of interests from the great outdoors to progressive activism, and brings a unique set of perspectives on developing organizational culture and leadership from her background in anthropology and archaeology.

She’s also the DIY-obsessed culprit responsible for the design and construction of the Work+Shop: our physical space and fixtures were all developed by her and built from repurposed materials (with the help of a sometimes skeptical JSM crew). Landfill diversion and creating custom pieces from reclaimed materials is a passion she continues to pursue from her apartment studio space.


I make the majority of the fabric products and spend most of my day at a sewing machine. I find the repetitive task relaxing as it allows my mind to wander. I enjoy that we are building a community of like minded people around us who care about the world and our impact on it, who can gather to learn from each other. I hope that our community continues to grow.

Outside of work I am passionate about music, I play the clarinet and would like to learn any other instruments I can.