Grooming Mist for Dogs – Orange and Cedarwood Spray and Wipe Cleanser



For quick spruce-ups between shampoos, try this all natural deodorizing and cleansing mist for your furry four legged friend! No more chemical-laden disposable wipes, now you can green up your pet care too. Just spray on your pet’s fur and/or paws, and wipe with a dry or damp washable cloth. Just enough handmade liquid soap and vinegar are added to the formula to break down any dirt or smelly stuff that might be in your pooch’s fur. The scent of sweet orange and cedarwood leaves Little Gus (first photo) smelling less like what he rolls in, and more like he’s been freshly groomed – even Ollie can tolerate the smell of Stinky Gus, see second photo for proof! My princess troublemaker Beyla (fourth photo) loves it – just see how she loves to be brushed after a little spritz of grooming spray!


When looking for natural pet care products, please avoid formulations which include citronella. Despite its popularity, it is not actually very good for dogs. And for cats, I would recommend a formula without essential oils at all. Please convo me if you need something for a cat or other highly sensitive companion animal.


8 ounces, packaged in a recyclable or reusable PET bottle with sprayer top. We are in the process of changing our business name to Juniperseed Mercantile. Product label reflects our new shop name.



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: water, handmade liquid soap, distilled vinegar, aloe juice, optiphen paraben free preservative, sweet orange essential oil, cedarwood essential oil



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