Organic Burp Cloths – set of 3



Oh, the smell of the top of a newborn baby’s head… I LOVE burping babies! Is that crazy? It’s such a great excuse to rock, and pat, and rub their backs, and hold them right under your nose. MMM… Now you can protect your clothing AND your baby with these organic cotton burp cloths – light on your pocketbook as well as the environment. These thirsty 2-layer cloths are made with soft, double-nap thick flannel.  Not the thinner flannel you might find at the fabric store. This is thirsty stuff! Sized just right at 8 inches by 15 inches,with a serged edge. As the fabric is not bleached or dyed in any way, the color is naturally off-white, with small brown flecks of the cotton fiber.

Here’s a little haiku I wrote celebrating the burping of my baby!

Baby now content
Rocking gently, love’s light touch
Sweet breath on my neck

Materials: organic unbleached cotton flannel, cotton thread


Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 in


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