Lemon Glass and Floor Cleaner Industrial Sprayer with Concentrated Refill- Naturally Gentle – Vegan – Makes Over a Gallon of Product



This listing is for one 16 ounce bottle filled with my ultra-concentrated solution for general purpose cleaning, especially glass and floors, but wonderful for all kinds of applications, and an industrial strength 24 ounce trigger spray bottle, labeled for use with our concentrate. At the recommended dilution rate, you will get over ONE GALLON of cleaning product out of this bottle, enough to refill a 24 ounce spray bottle 3 times.


You can use this product (diluted) to fill a spray bottle and clean your countertops, sinks, stoves, appliances, floors, windows, mirrors, and other durable surfaces. This is a very gentle, yet effective cleaner. It will not leave streaks on your windows or mirrors or ruin the finish of wood or tile floors. Unlike many commercial floor cleaning products, it is very safe for puppies, and even babies, who crawl on the floor and put everything in their mouths (you can even use this spray to keep your toys germ-free). The bright, fresh lemon smell of this product comes from real lemon essential oil, and is wonderful for neutralizing pet and changing room odors.


You can also can put it to use in my favorite way – dilute with water to make a solution for dampening your reusable cleaning cloths or swiffer replacement mop heads, like the ones I have listed in my shop. Keep the moistened cloths in a plastic tub (used baby wipes tubs are perfect), and you will always have a cleaning cloth at the ready when you need it. I keep a tub right next to the kitchen sink, and another one on the back of the toilet (a little subtle reminder, if you will!). This 16 ounce bottle can refill your wipes dispenser at least 16 times! I use one ounce of concentrate to 8 ounces of water and a dozen cloths. Depending on the size and thickness of your cloths, you may find that this is more than enough liquid for up to 18 cloths! Don’t use that many? Just use a tablespoon of concentrate to 1/2 cup of water, and refill your tub twice as many times!


Did you know it is easy to refill the reservoir on your swiffer wet jet? Just use a pair of pliers to twist and pry off the cap, then refill it with this diluted cleaning solution. You can cover the hole with a cork or duct tape. So simple!


I think you will find that this all-natural cleaning solution is perfect for cleaning anything you can possibly think of using it on. If you are concerned about material compatibility, however, I would encourage you to try the product in an inconspicuous area. I believe in full disclosure of all ingredients, so you can be sure you are getting a product that is completely hand made, and free of weird chemical solvents, animal byproducts, or any other yucky stuff. Do I need to say I would never think of testing this on animals?


If you would like to try a sample of this product before buying, please consider my listings for washable replacement mop heads for your swiffers or similar mopping systems. All of my damp mop heads come with a sample of Naturally Gentle Glass and Floor Cleaner.



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