My Little Love Perfume Oil for Nurturing Maternal Bonding


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This roll-on perfume was formulated as a special request from a facebook fan, who wanted a personal fragrance that smelled just like the fragrance we put in our baby lotion, soap, and diapering mist. We thought it was such a great idea, we decided to offer them up to the public!


This gently-scented formula is perfect for carrying the scent of your little one with you while you are apart. Roll on to your pulse points – wrists, neck, or inner elbow. This formula is designed to dissipate fairly quickly so as not to interfere with your natural scent-bonding when you are reunited with your baby. Working nursing mamas may find this helpful in facilitating let down while pumping breast milk away from their babies.


Scented with the same fragrance as our baby products, which feature a phthalate-free blend of vanilla, oatmeal, milk and honey in a coconut oil base.


Packaged in a frosted blue glass bottle with roller ball dispenser.


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: coconut oil, phthalate free fragrance



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