Organic Unbleached Flannel Baby Wipes Starter Set with Cleanse and Moisturize Mist for Baby and Ecofriendly Alternative to Baby Wipes



My babies NEVER get diaper rashes, unless I stray from my usual diapering routine and foolishly imagine that the “sensitive skin” unscented wood pulp commercial diaper wipes will do fine for just this one day… Never again! Try this cleansing mist, and you may never go back either! Probably, like my baby, yours will even ask for it by name (or at least by sound – mine called it “tss tss tss”)!


This listing is for everything you need to get started saying goodbye to disposable wipes. You will receive:


1. One half dozen reusable, washable soft cotton baby wipes. This set will include 2 Birdseye, two cotton flannel and two French Bamboo terry loop cloths. All are 100% organic and unbleached.


2. One 4 ounce spray bottle of my Cleanse and Moisturize Spray (see description below)


3. One 1 ounce spray bottle of Cleanse and Moisturize Mist for your purse or diaper bag


4. One 4 ounce bottle of concentrated Cleanse and Moisturize Mist, with instructions to dilute with your own water to refill your 4 ounce spray bottle EIGHT times. This allows you to reduce your environmental impact by saving on shipping, packaging, and transportation costs. How great is that?


My special formula is made just for use with reusable cloth baby wipes. Keep a stack of dry wipes near your changing area. Spray my Cleanse and Moisturize Mist either directly on your baby’s bottom, or on the wipe itself, and then wipe baby clean. Throw the dirty wipes in the laundry with the cloth diapers. Alternatively, you can use the spray with a tissue, and throw it away with the disposable.


There are other wipes solutions out there, and plenty of home-made recipes available online. Don’t be fooled – this one is different. Unlike other washable wipe formulas, mine has absolutely no soap or detergent of any kind, so you don’t have to worry about irritating your baby’s delicate skin. Years of experimentation have led me to this solution which is soluble in both water and oil, meaning that (just like soap) this solution will stick to both water-based messes, as well as the stickier junk water-based formulas leave behind. But unlike soap, it will not strip the skin of much needed natural oils. In fact, the skin will be even softer and more moisturized than ever before. This spray is so moisturizing, in fact, you can use it as an all-over spray lotion. The soft vanilla and honey scent is really nice too!


This wonderful spray has uses beyond the changing table – bring it with you in the car, on camping trips, anywhere you might need a quick freshen-up. Spray on and wipe with a cloth wipe or paper towel, napkin or tissue. It’s no bath, but it’ll leave you a heck of a lot cleaner and nicer smelling than that alcoholic gel junk.

Note: It is very important not to try to “stretch” the concentrate by over-diluting it. The preservative is calculated based on the solution made when you dilute according to the instructions. If you add more water than is recommended, I can not guarantee that the preservative will be enough to make it safe for your baby’s bottom. Don’t worry though – this is a LOT of concentrate – you will be amazed at how long it lasts you. You won’t even feel a need to make it stretch farther!


Important information about our skin care preparations and herbal remedies: I (Tiffany) am not a medical doctor, and none of my formulations are meant to cure, treat or heal any medical condition. I am a science teacher with an obsessive interest in chemistry, green living, herbal lore and frontier pharmacy history. Please do not take the popularity of these products or my feedback history as evidence that these products will work as you expect them to. I include information about the ingredients used in my formulas for educational purposes only. I encourage you to do your own research to see if these ingredients can help you achieve the results you desire. I believe we, as consumers, deserve to be informed and empowered to take good care of ourselves naturally, whenever possible. It is your right and responsibility to understand your own body, and to make careful choices about any herbal or folk remedies you will use. By purchasing these products, you agree that you have not been given medical advice, prescriptions, or any kind of therapeutic recommendations.


Handmade item
Materials: please see original listings, organic unbleached cotton, organic olive oil, calendula, chamomile, beeswax, essential oils


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