Regular Absorbency Nursing Pads Made With Unbleached Organic Cotton Fleece and Flannel – 2 Pairs


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No frills here – just discreetly unpatterned fabric to give the budget-conscious protection you need while out and about. I have made these nursing pads out of two layers of extra thick, soft and absorbent unbleached organic cotton flannel, topped with a layer of thick and thirsty unbleached organic cotton fleece. The fabric is precision cut with a die, so they are as close to perfectly round as handsewn items can be. The edges are serged neatly.
I have three different levels of absorbency in my nursing pads. The comparison photo is shown at right. This listing is for the medium absorbency pads. They are absorbent without being too thick, but do not contain a water-barrier. Many sources advise that a breathable, non-waterproof pad is best for preventing thrush and other infections and irritations. They measure a big 5 inches in diameter, so they will definitely keep you covered! If you need a different quantity, please let me know. I make these to order, so I can do as many as you need.
These nursing pads are not made with the contouring “tuck” stitched into the seam to make them more cone-shaped, like some others you will find. In my experience, the shaping is not only unnecessary (the pads will lie smoother against your skin without the tuck), but also decreases the absorbency of the pad (by compressing the fibers and providing a wicking channel for fluid to travel through).
One more of the many ways you can reduce your use of disposable products! Just toss in the wash with your regular laundry. Using laundry softener is not recommended, because it reduces the absorbency of your pads. Please have a look in my shop for other alternatives to disposables, such as swiffer pads, unpaper towels, diapers, facial poufs, and hankies.


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