Surf and Snow Vegan Zinc Oxide Balm for Skiers and Surfers – Big 0.5 ounce Compostable Plastic Free Cardboard Packaging



Now packaged without plastic and made without beeswax!! I am super excited to share my new paper tube sunscreen balm! They are HUGE – more than four times the size of a typical little plastic tube, so they will last you quite a long time. And since there is no plastic involved in the packaging (even the label is made of recycled paper), you can recycle or compost the tube after use, and feel good about reducing your plastic impact on the earth. This is absolutely, without a doubt, the greenest way to purchase zinc oxide balm. We will even ship your package without plastic tape!


You will receive one tube of balm – formulated specially to spread smoothly in cold weather (and tested in the high and dry climate of the Colorado Rockies). It goes on white, so you can see when it’s time to reapply. Please see the third and fourth photos for this listing to see what it looks like before and after rubbing into my (very pale) arm. Awesome for protecting your skin from windburn, salt spray, and the brutal reflected double-dose of sunlight you get when you participate in snow and water sports. If it’s warmer in your climate, take care not to leave it in a hot car. Or, if you do, leave it upright so that if it melts, it will re-solidify in the tube instead of the lid. They are lightly sweetened with stevia in case you’d like to use it on your lips – completely natural and perfect for anyone with sensitivities to artificial flavors. This bee-free version is also perfect for all vegans over 6 months of age.


This amazing natural skin balm is made without petroleum products or other harmful chemicals. It is flavored with all natural ingredients and colored with powdered zinc and titanium oxides. No nano particles!! This listing is for one (0.5 ounce) tube of balm.


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