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Many of our customers have asked if they can buy a face mask, or how they can be supportive of our little business during this uncertain time.  We are not in the business of profiting on face masks, which are becoming more and more of a necessity for many people.  But we would very much appreciate people purchasing gift certificates to help us with our cash flow!

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We are passionate about using earth-friendly ingredients, responsible packaging, and shipping all of our orders using reclaimed materials and paper tape. We use organic ingredients as much as possible, and formulate our recipes to have minimal to no impact on rainforests in Southeast Asia and the Amazon. All of our ingredients are fully disclosed because we believe consumers deserve to be informed and empowered to take good care of themselves, naturally whenever possible. It is, after all, each person’s right and responsibility to understand their own bodies, and the impact their options have on the environment, and to then make carefully weighed choices.

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