Everyone with children knows what a wasteful spree back-to-school season is.  Year after year, we shell out more money than we save on birthday and holiday presents, to provide the never-ending list of required school supplies, new clothes, shoes, textbooks, water bottles, lunch boxes, backpacks and … it truly has no end.  Not only is it super expensive, but it’s also ALL made out of plastic, will only kind-of get used, can’t be recycled, is designed to wear out, and is everything we hate about trying to reconcile our values with the reality of existing in the world.  (Not to be dramatic, but seriously, it’s a struggle, and we’ve been there!)

In this workshop, hosted by two former teachers, you’ll learn practical tips and tricks to not only save money during this season, but also feel better about how you DO spend your money.  We’ll swap tips on recycling last year’s supplies, finding and/or hosting clothing swaps, choosing products made to last, and how to recycle supplies at the end of their life.  We will also share ideas about how to communicate with your children’s teachers and schools about changing policies to be more equitable, and therefore environmentally and economically responsible. Tiffany and Katie will also share tips about how to pack lunches in more sustainable ways, and how to include fun and eco-friendly foods your kids will thrive on.

Key takeaways include reusable lunch sacks, and directions on how to easily make your own. plus drawings for free zero waste school supplies.

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