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Product / Ingredient Info

The formulator of our products is not a medical doctor, and none of these formulations are meant to cure, treat or heal any medical condition. We have an obsessive interest in chemistry, green living, herbal lore and frontier pharmacy history, and years of experience crafting traditional and modern formulations.  Please do not take the popularity of these products or our feedback history as evidence that these products will work as you expect them to. We include information about the ingredients used in our formulas for educational purposes only. You are encouraged to do your own research to see if these ingredients can help you achieve the results you desire. We believe we, as consumers, deserve to be informed and empowered to take good care of ourselves naturally, whenever possible. It is your right and responsibility to understand your own body, and to make careful choices about any herbal or folk remedies you will use. By purchasing these products, you agree that you have not been given medical advice, prescriptions, or any kind of therapeutic recommendations.
We use certified sustainable and certified organic ingredients whenever possible in our skin care and cleaning products. Pursuing an organic certification for ourselves is not currently feasible, but it is a goal for the growth and strategy of the company. All of our fabrics are organic with the exception of the cotton chenille used to make our reusable mop pads.
Many of them are! The only non-vegan ingredient we use is beeswax, which is preferred in some of our herbal remedies and lip balms. We offer a variety of vegan alternatives in lip balms and glosses, however, and all of our soap and cleaning products are vegan.
We use pure essential oils to scent the majority of our products, providing natural aromatherapy and powerful botanical cleaning power across our product lines. Baby products developed for sensitive infant skin contain fragrance oils that are always pthalate free.
No fragrance or flavor of any kind is added to our unscented products. The only odor these products may contain comes from the raw oils, butters, and wax used to make them.
We are not FDA tested or medically trained and cannot make medical claims about the effectiveness of our products, but many of the ingredients in our products have a variety of naturopathic and medicinal uses that can be researched individually. We have thoroughly tested these products ourselves and are confident in their quality in addition to receiving positive feedback from hundreds of customers. We encourage everyone to research our ingredients to make informed decisions for themselves and their individual bodies.

Yes we can! We can accommodate custom orders of a variety of our products and welcome your inquiry. Please contact hello@juniperseedmercantile.com for pricing and details.

We understand the controversial nature of palm oil. Our stance for many years has been to use palm oil sourced from certified sustainable sources, but with the recent catastrophic fires in the Amazon, we believe there is no sustainable way to continue the pressure palm demand puts on vulnerable ecosystems and human communities.  We have reformulated all of our soaps to use more US grown oils, and have eliminated palm completely.  We continue our support of a sustainable rainforest by sending periodic money donations to restoration funds instead.


Packaging / Shipping Info

Guuuuurrl, we ALWAYS ship plastic free! All of our shipping materials are either recyclable, compostable, reusable, or all of the above. We only use paper tape for shipping, and we use a variety of recycled, donated paper from Tiffany’s classroom and community members to pack orders. You might find your order cushioned by some interesting lesson notes from science class or local news from The Denver Post and The Denver Voice. The only reason you might receive a box with plastic tape on it from us is because we often re-use the boxes we receive from our suppliers. “Keep-it-outta-the-landfill!” is our position, and by keeping materials in circulation we extend their usability and lower the environmental impact of petroleum based convenience products.
We have transitioned all of our products previously packaged in plastic to glass, paperboard and aluminum. with the exception of some cleaning products. Caps and closures are metal where possible, but in some cases, plastic dispensing caps or pumps are used.  We encourage refill and reuse of all of our product packaging, and offer a discount when you bring your packaging back to be refilled.
We strive for a three to five (3-5) day turn around on all retail orders and a three to five (3-5) week turn around on all wholesale orders. Sometimes we are delayed by a large influx of orders, supply issues, or production delays, but we will try to contact you about any delays or issues with your order in that time frame. If you have questions regarding the status of your order, please contact Morgan for an update.


Refills / Bulk / Wholesale Info

We have a wide variety of skin care, body care, and cleaning products available for refill at the Work+Shop. Refills are priced by weight per ounce, and we encourage you to bring your bottles in anytime! We also have some recycled freebies available at the store as well as a variety of different packaging options available for sale. We may not have specific scents available to refill, but we try to keep our basics of each category in stock.

I’m not in the area – can I send my bottles back to you for a refill?” 

This option may be cost prohibitive due to shipping, but if you want to send us your clean and dry bottles or jars back to us, we will refill your bottles and generate a custom order invoice for you at our retail refill rates plus shipping. We will need the following information to be able to complete such orders:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Shipping address
  • Fill requests – what product, how many ounces
  • Bottles that are thoroughly cleaned and dry, packed to prevent damage in-transit

Upon receiving your request, we will calculate your refill cost and send you an online invoice for your purchase plus shipping and handling. Your order will be completed and shipped within three to five (3-5) business days after receipt of payment. Please note, you will be responsible for shipping and handling costs both ways, and we can only refill the products originally purchased in the bottles via this option.

Another refill option we will be offering in the future is bulk purchases of many of our products in 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, and 0.85 gallon options that come in collapsible pouches that can be shipped back to us after use for recycling through Terracycle. We hope to have this option available through our website soon, but in the meantime we can always to do this via a custom order request. Please contact hello@juniperseedmercantile.com for pricing and details.

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We are always interested in partnering with like-minded businesses and organizations and have an active wholesale program. Please see the wholesale portal for more information on applying to be one of our wholesale partners, and thank you for your interest!

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In addition to our website and the Work+Shop, we can also be found at a variety of local markets such as the Aspen Grove Farmers Market, the Horseshoe Market, and the Breck Bazaar at Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton. We are also proud to have wholesale partners around the US and the world. If one of these zero-waste stores is in your backyard, please give them a visit! Check out Our Retailers page.

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Yes! We are working on getting bulk options up on our website, but in the meantime please contact hello@juniperseedmercantile.com  for pricing and details.

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Location and Events Info

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Absolutely! We are a family friendly establishment and invite folks of all ages to visit our store and participate in our classes and events. While some events may be outside the skill level or interest of younger makers, we will try to announce any age related recommendations in our marketing materials. Children are welcome at the Work+Shop with adequate supervision—just please be aware that this is a production and manufacturing facility with hard surfaces and accompanying hazards. Rambunctious behavior and general hooliganism are ill advised.

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Many of our workshops and classes focus on making simplified versions of our bath and body products for anyone to get started with a new hobby, but we also offer events unrelated to our immediate product lines because we believe in fostering community broadly and making connections across the environmental, social justice, DIY, and maker community. We believe in building our individual capacities through the collective and that we have the ability to integrate our choices and behavior into a holistic lifestyle that is restorative for ourselves, each other, and the earth.

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We would be thrilled to work with you! Please contact tiffany@juniperseedmercantile.com to pitch your workshop idea and discuss a possible collaboration.

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Yes we can! Whether you are looking for a unique birthday party experience or want to have a private class for a group of friends, we might be able to help! Please contact tiffany@juniperseedmercantile.com for information regarding programming options, pricing, and availability.