Bergamot and Basil Herbal Lip Balm – Big 0.33 Compostable Plastic Free Cardboard Packaging – Sweetened With Stevia



Now packaged without plastic!! I am super excited to share my new paper tube lip balms! They are more than THREE times the size of a typical little plastic tube, so they will last you quite a long time. And since there is no plastic involved in the packaging (even the label is made of recycled paper), you can recycle or compost the tube after use, and feel good about reducing your plastic impact on the earth. This is absolutely, without a doubt, the greenest way to purchase lip balm. We will even ship your package without plastic tape!


I make and sell breakfast burritos sometimes at school. I just make them the way I like them. Turns out, everyone else likes them just like I do. I’m always surprised, but people tell me all the time my breakfast burritos are the best they’ve ever had. Same thing with my lip balm. You might think lip balm is just lip balm. Who really knows the difference between brands? But I have been told over and over again, this lip balm is the best my customers have ever tried. I didn’t really set out to make the world’s best lip balm. I just tweaked my recipe again and again until it came out just the way I like it. Turns our everyone else likes it just that way too!


This delicious natural lip balm is made without petroleum products or other harmful chemicals. This listing is for one (0.5 ounce) tube of lip balm. My turnover on this stuff is crazy. I sell it like it is going out of style here locally.
Bergamot and Basil is a garden-inspired flavor – uncolored, flavored with all natural essential oils – wild verbena and rosemary in addition to the dominant bergamot and basil notes. This one is so amazingly awesome, it defies description. Perfect for a man or a woman, it is herbal and fresh and just a little sweet. And with the new huge cardboard tube, you have plenty to use on cracked and dry gardeners’ knuckles too! I hope you love it too!



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: beeswax, organic coconut oil, hemp seed oil, organic avocado oil, organic cocoa butter, vitamin e, stevia, basil essential oil, bergamot essential oil, wild verbena essential oil, rosemary essential oil



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