Soft Whipped Facial Creme Soap with Ground Walnut Shells and Tea Tree Oil – Packaged in Glass



I am so proud of this much-loved part of my skin care line! I formulated this soap especially for my pregnant and breastfeeding friends with the weird skin issues reminiscent of the 7th grade, so you can be sure this gentle and all-natural formula will clean your skin without exposing you to a bunch of scary chemicals. It is also made with almost all organic ingredients – how great is that? My friends and customers absolutely love this stuff!


This soap is a special formula of skin-loving oils saponified a little like a bar soap, and a little like a liquid soap – so it is a full-bodied, soft and creamy, fluffy soap. Plenty of air is whipped into the soap to give it a nice light hand. Approximately 3.5 ounces of soap by weight fits into a 4 ounce wide mouth jar. Just take a fingertip full of soap and work it into a lather on your palm. Apply to damp skin with a gentle circling motion and rinse well. Carefully selected ingredients are wonderful for all kinds of skin, but you’ll have to do your own research to see if you think this product will be right for you. Just do a quick google search to see how these ingredients have been used traditionally to help keep people’s skin healthy.


Please note, In extreme temperatures, the soap can lose its fluffiness. We want to make sure it gets to you as fast as possible, so during the warmer months, we will ship priority on Mondays only, and pack with reusable freezer packs. This does increase the shipping cost some, but please know we do not like to make money on shipping. If your order comes to a higher shipping total than the actual cost of shipping and packaging, we will refund your overpayment. If you are worried about the possibility that your mail might be unattended in a hot mailbox for an extended time, however, we recommend purchasing during the winter only. You can stock up and keep it in your refrigerator until you are ready to use it.


distilled water, stearic acid, glycerin, organic unrefined coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, organic apricot kernel oil, organic olive oil, organic unrefined shea butter, rice bran oil, calendula-infused organic olive oil, ground walnut shells, organic castor oil, jojoba oil, sodium hydroxide, boric acid, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil



  • Handmade item
  • Material: see description above



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