3 Washable Swiffer Max Pads – Ecofriendly Washable Mop Pads for Max Swiffer Sweeper – Plus Floor Cleaner Sample



If, like me, you’ve had your swiffer gathering cobwebs in the garage because you can’t bring yourself to use those disposable mopping pads, here’s your solution! This listing is for a set of three thick and thirsty reusable cloths made to fit a standard swiffer or other similar convenience mopping system (the kind where you shove a corner of the cloth down into the pokey hole to make it stay attached). These will fit the larger 17″ head size.


To bring you the best possible price on these mop pads, we are always on the lookout for great deals on chenille fabric. Given that, your mop pads may be blue, yellow, pink, lavender, mocha brown, wide or narrow wale, wavy or straight stripes, etc. At this time I only have light blue in stock but will have pink and yellow wavy and sage straight stripes within the next couple of weeks to choose from.  If you have a preference please convo us and we will see what is in stock and try to accommodate you. Otherwise, we will surprise you!


These cloths are made out of thick and highly textured cotton chenille fabric. These are just as good as the dry disposable mopping pads for dry dusting, but they really shine as a damp mop pad. No pun intended. (-; Simply dampen the cloth with floor cleaner or soapy water or whatever you like to use, attach to your mop and go to town. Or, you can spray your cleaner right onto the floor and use the cloth to mop it dry.


If you don’t have a favorite ecofriendly alternative to those harsh chemical cleaners filled with who-knows-what, not to worry! Your order will come with a FREE sample bottle of my very own floor and window cleaner. You just add the concentrated solution to a cup of water, and use it to fill a spray bottle with, or soak your pads in it before attaching to your mop head.


Please have a look in my shop for additional green cleaning solutions to fit your needs. Most of my products are available in a concentrated form, so you save on packaging AND shipping. How cool is that?



  • Handmade item
  • Material: cotton chenille


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