Herbal Roll-On Aromatherapy For Clarity – For Mind, Spirit, and Emotion



This roll-on remedy was formulated as a special request from a spiritual leader who wanted a portable and smoke-free version of her favorite herbal smudge. This roller ball dispenser of sage and juniper oils make it easy to evoke the right clarity of mind, wherever you are.


Roll on to your pulse points – wrists, neck, temples, or inner elbow and take some calming breaths. 0.33 ounces packaged in a frosted blue glass bottle with roller ball dispenser.


Here is a breathing exercise for clarity and calm to prepare yourself for important work:


Breathe in peace, love, strength, willpower (whatever you are trying to focus on) for 4 counts,
Exhale stress, anxiety, negativity (whatever you are trying to rid yourself of) for 4 counts,
Rest for 4 counts.
Repeat 5 cycles.


Adults and older children may use this therapeutic oil combined with a breathing exercise as often needed. Pregnant women should not use this product.


Important information about our skin care preparations and herbal remedies: I (Tiffany) am not a medical doctor, and none of my formulations are meant to cure, treat or heal any medical condition. I am a science teacher with an obsessive interest in chemistry, green living, herbal lore and frontier pharmacy history. Please do not take the popularity of these products or my feedback history as evidence that these products will work as you expect them to. I include information about the ingredients used in my formulas for educational purposes only. I encourage you to do your own research to see if these ingredients can help you achieve the results you desire. I believe we, as consumers, deserve to be informed and empowered to take good care of ourselves naturally, whenever possible. It is your right and responsibility to understand your own body, and to make careful choices about any herbal or folk remedies you will use. By purchasing these products, you agree that you have not been given medical advice, prescriptions, or any kind of therapeutic recommendations.



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: coconut oil, juniper essential oil, sage essential oil


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